Elijah Ellar TawfiqElijah Tawfiq, The Sowing, Book One of the Seeds Trilogy

Basic Dietician’s Profile
Gender: Male
Blood Type: A-
Weight: 86.4 kilos
Height: 1.80 meters
Eye Color: Green

Position: Former research fellow with the Okarian Agricultural Consortium and teaching assistant to Professor Aran Hawthorne. Known member of the Resistance.

Specialization: Genomics and Bioengineering. Known as a talented electrical and materials engineer as well.

Immediate Relatives: Ellar Tawfiq and Ilya Crescent Tawfiq

Educational History: A TREE Scholar and graduate of the Okarian Academy, graduate research assistant, Sector Research Academy

Personality: Quick to anger and violence. Wit, cleverness, and the sharp edges of his words are the standards by which he judges himself. Eli works hard to keep his reactions from boiling over. Has a fierce problem with authority and is incredibly independently motivated. Occasionally quiet and withdrawn, sullen; at other times vibrant and enthusiastic. Attention-seeker and risk-taker.

Summary: Elijah inspires total loyalty in his friends and is a charismatic leader, but his frequent refusal to follow orders or obey rules often gets him into trouble. His wisecracks and smart mouth have gotten him into and out of more than a few tricky situations, and his lack of personal restraint makes him both endearing and dangerous. Elijah was considered one of the most promising scientists in the Sector, and his brilliance allows him to get away with far more in the Resistance than he would otherwise. He was once in love with Tai Alexander, and since her brutal death he has taken Remy under his wing as they shared in a loss few others could understand. The Alexanders consider him family.