Elle Opitz vision of Remy Alexander, The Sowing, Book 1 of the Seeds Trilogy

Remy Eliana Alexander

Basic Dietician’s Profile
Gender: Female
Blood Type: O-
Weight: 50.1 Kilos
Height: 1.6 meters
Eye color: Brown

Position: Former student at The Academy. Known member of the Resistance.

Specialization: Visual art, drawing, painting, and media production. Formerly in training to work as a Sector-sponsored artist.

Immediate Relatives: Gabriel Alexander, Brinn Alexander, Tai Alexander

Personality: Social and outgoing but not as upbeat as her sister. Spunky, rebellious, and bold. Has become vaguely self-absorbed since her sister’s death; has no problems opening up to friends and acquaintances but struggles to make real connections. She is somewhat insecure about her perceived inability to contribute to the Resistance, since her training was in art and not science. Remy is more comfortable following than leading; however, she is comfortable in her own skin and is proud of who she is. She rarely admits she’s wrong, though she recognizes this as a weakness, and she relies on her friends to keep her in her place.

Summary: Strong and passionate, Tai’s death and her family’s subsequent flight from the Sector left Remy grieving, bitter, and somewhat jaded. She believes in the Resistance and is well prepared to give her life to the cause. Her artistic vision guides her life, and she sees everything through the lens of a paintbrush against paper. She is determined to make up for her small size with ferocity, athleticism, and intelligence, and she is competitive to the last. Remy’s biggest weaknesses are psychological: she is insecure about her own abilities and quick to overestimate her enemies. All too often, she is quick to anger and slow to forgive.