Soren Skaarsguard
Soren Skaarsguard

Basic Dietician’s Profile
Gender: Male
Blood Type: A-
Weight: 98 kilos
Height: 1.98 meters
Color: Blue

Position:. Known member of the Resistance.

Specialization: Biology: Genetics/Genomics. Known also as a talented pianist.

Immediate Relatives: Odin and Cara Skaarsguard

Educational History: Graduate of the Okarian Academy with one semester of graduate study at the Sector Research Academy.

Personality: At times calm and composed, at others fiery and sarcastic, Soren often keeps his thoughts to himself. A brilliant pianist and scientist, he and Vale came into conflict while at school as both excelled musically and academically. He is quiet and brooding and rarely opens up to those he doesn’t know. When he works, he is capable of losing track of time for hours as he focuses exclusively on solving the problem in front of him – whether that’s a complex algorithm or a new piece of music.

Summary:  Soren’s mother was once the Chancellor of the Sector, (a position Vale’s father now holds) and his parents have a dark and complicated history. His fall from glory in the wake of his mother’s removal from office has made him at times a bitter and jaded individual. He is supremely dedicated to the cause of the Resistance and believes that the OAC is corrupt and evil. He and Remy often come to grief because of their conflicting personalities and over her past relationship with Vale. Soren’s temperamental personality, quick mind, and sarcastic comments can make him, at times, difficult to get along with, but his dedication and strength as a member of the team make him well-respected within the Resistance.