working model for Tai Alexander

Tai Rialta Alexander

Basic Dietician’s Profile
Gender: Female
Blood Type: O+
Weight: 56 Kilos
Height: 1.73 meters
Eye Color: Brown

Position: Student Researcher at the Sector Research Institute

Immediate Relatives: Gabriel Alexander, Brinn Alexander, Remy Alexander

Specialization: Genetic programming

Educational History: Capitol Quadrant 3 General Education, Age 3-9; Tested 99th percentile in Mathematics at age 9. Displayed a prodigious interest in the sciences and was transferred to Advanced Capitol Quadrant 3. At age 14, placed highest in her class in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Calculus and was granted a Premiere scholarship to The Academy and placed on an educational track that would put her in the Okarian Agricultural Consortium as a researcher upon graduation from the SRI. At age 18 in Sector Annum 101, finished at The Academy 2nd in her class and began her research programme at the SRI specializing in genetic modification and gene programming.

Personality: Energetic and buoyant, Tai is agreeable, sociable, and quick to support others. Rarely does she voice her opinions or negativity; she always focuses on the positive and is constantly reinforcing her friends. She tends to forgive and forget rather than voicing problems with others; she has occasional brooding moments but rebounds quickly. She is driven, intelligent, and passionate about what she does. A hard worker but one to whom difficult concepts come easily. Based on early personality tests and classifications Tai is ideally suited to a position with the OAC, where her passions will be put to use as a researcher.

Summary: Remy Alexander’s older sister. A promising academic. Murdered in a lab massacre at age 19, which inspires her parents to flee the Okarian Sector and join the Resistance.