Valerian Orlean, The Sowing, Book One of The Seeds TrilogyValerian Augustus Orleán

Basic Dietician’s Profile
Gender: Male
Blood Type: A+
Weight: 67.3 kilos
Height: 5’11”

Position: Director: Seed Bank Protection Project

Specialization: Military and Strategic Operations. His research focus was in physics and the history of science in society. Valerian is a talented pianist as well.

Immediate Relatives: Philip Orleán, Corine Orleán

Educational History: Graduate of the Okarian Academy and the Sector Research Institute

Personality: Self-confident but humble. Is very conscious of his status as the son of two high-ranking Sector officials and does his absolute best not to let that go to his head. Vale is a strong and calm leader, and he draws strength both internally and from his close friends and family. He is sociable but introverted; does not easily make close friends and so values those he has very highly. A talented pianist as well as a learned historian, Vale values both intellectual learning and emotional awareness.

Summary: Vale is driven by his love for the people he hopes to lead one day and for the girl who abandoned him three years ago. He is often calm and quiet and keeps his emotions to a simmer. He is level-headed and those around him draw strength from his passion and his humility. He firmly believes in the Sector’s mission to feed and nurture its citizens, and he is devoted to his parents’ ideals and looks forward to following in their footsteps. He is baffled as to why anyone would want to join the Resistance and makes defeating them his top priority – even if that means coming into direct conflict with Remy.